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Hello everyone! Slimewave is your best source of material in case you’re looking for girls blasted with tons of cum. In today’s update a lovely Brunette finds herself alone in the bath room when a large cock makes its appearance from a wall. As our babe is a hungry one, she will not ignore that, so watch her going hardcore on it, socking and slurping, then getting covered in gallons of man’s juice.


What can be better than a lusty lady with a fancy sexy outfit covered in creamy white jizz? Well, this is exactly what is in our menu tonight. This lusty brunette sucking one hard tool which will get her gloves all covered in cum after she rub it hard and fast and sucked it like a professional slut. As you will see, she wasn’t expecting this, the cock from glory hole being a nice surprise for her. She got instantly horny at the view of that huge fucking tool and grab it in no time. So she starts sucking it, and continues until the cocks blasts her body with a jet of warm sticky jizz. She won’t stop here. Cum inside and see how hardcore she can get. Enjoy!

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Slutty Teen Jizzed

Another great week has passed, so it is time for some fresh slimewave scenes starring our cum hungry sluts. This time a horny teen came to us and said that she wants to be in one of our scene. She is looking smoking hot and will amaze you with her hunger. Watch her showing off her pussy full of creamy cum and see how she gets covered with that nasty balls juice. Just hit that button and cum inside our website for the entire episode.slimewave-slutty-teen-jizzedAs you will see, the teen found herself all alone in a bathroom with a cock coming out of one hole. That dirty little mind of her made her very horny, so without thinking too much, she grabbed the cock and shove it into her eager mouth. She will suck hard and eagerly until the cock is spewing a ridiculous amount of creamy semen all over her neck and tits. You will see her covered with that nasty cream, rubbing her horny wet pussy with one hand while the other hand is stroking the dick. Have fun watching her, ladies and gentlemen! See ya all next time and until then click here to enjoy a French babe covered in cum. Enjoy!

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Slime Wave – Kinky Nurse

Hi there! On tonight’s slime wave show, this horny nurse will spread her legs for all of you. I’m sure you will enjoy watching another beauty getting one nice rain of jizz all over her amazing curves. This is a hungry one, so you will see her eating that jizz, using it like a lube or like a moisturize cream. She is going naughtier than ever and I bet she will be the prefect company tonight. Just watch and drool.

The nurse had one stressful day and she was trying to take a breath in the bathroom. All of the sudden, one hard large cock was popping from the wall. First, you will see her trying to ignore that big cock, but her dirty mind made her very horny. The only thing she was thinking is how the cock will fit into her mouth. So the horny nurse started to rub that cock, first easily, them she went hard and fast on it until the cock spew all the jizz had in the big balls right on her pretty face and all over her chest. She will rub her clit all covered in the creamy balls juice until she cums just for your entertainment. Enjoy her back on our website! slime-wave-kinky-nurse

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Slutty In Red

Another sexy slut here at slimewave and this one will make your cock popping one huge boner. The lusty brunette will get a nice rain of jizz and her sexy red outfit will be all covered just for your viewing delight. Just grab a seat and enjoy her fingering herself after sucking on that cock and taking a ridiculously amount of semen from head to toe.

As you can see, the horny brunette is in some good mood tonight, so after founding herself alone in that bathroom, she slides her hand into the panties. She was all wet and needed a fingering session. Anyway, she was in the middle of that finger-fucking when a cock appeared from that glory hole. She was more than trilled to grab the cock and to rub it hard until she got what she wanted from the very beginning: that creamy jizz. She will also suck on it and her entire body will be painted in white. Have fun back on our website where you will find the entire video in a HD quality. Enjoy it, my friends!slimewave-slutty-in-red

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Cum All Over My Tits

Hi there! This is a special night here and you will enjoy a special slimewave update. I am saying that because we have here two horny sluts who will enjoy a nice rain of cum all over them. The two will be covered in cum from head to toe and even like that, they will continue kissing and touching each other. Make sure you are comfortable because the will not stop very soon.

As you can see, both are enjoying that balls’s juice and love to lick it and eat it. But before this, the two had to take care of that hard tool. Watch them double blowing it or taking turns in deepthroat the huge fucking tools. You will see them going naughtier than ever. They will kiss and lick each other, then both will squeeze on her partner’s big tits, all just to make that cock all hard and throbbing. For sure, the two will taste that dick before the rain of jizz, Cum inside for the entire episode and stay tuned for fresh content! See ya all next time. Have fun!


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Cum All Over Me

Here we are again with a fresh slimewave scene and tonight we will entertain you with a horny blonde. This hot babe will spread her legs for you after she gets moisturized with a enormous amount of semen. Watch her doing her thing for you, going crazy naughty and exposing her most intimate parts in front of the camera. Have fun watching, my friends!

As you can see, this horny blonde just found a nice glory hole. She was all horny and wet and the dick which was coming out from the glory hole was exactly what she needed at that moment. Watch the amazing blonde wrapping her lips around that fucking tool and sucking on it like there’s no tomorrow after she grabbed the cock with both her hands. She will receive the first shoot straight on that pretty face and in her hair. Dribble of creamy white cum will run down her face right on those huge round tits. She will rub her clit right after and the second round of shooting jizz will hit her right in that pussy. Enjoy her back on our website where you will find the entire episode!!


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Slime Wave – Loads Of Cum

It is a very special night, so we will give you a double dose of slime wave. We have here for you a blonde and a brunette ready to keep you company tonight. The two are truly cock lovers, but they will not refuse some pussy also. So the two bisexuals will kiss and touch each other under a nice rain of creamy cum right after they double blown the hard cock. Have fun watching them going naughtier than ever.


As you can see, the horny sluts will not stop easily. They will continue doing naughty things even after they got their holes fucked by the cock from glory hole. They are hungry for sure and will not stop until each one orgasms once again jus for your entertainment. So the babes went to the bathroom to enjoy some quality time with each other. They were both horny, so they started to kiss and touch each other. Right at that moment a cock from glory hole appeared and the two grabbed it instantly. From there to receiving an insane shoot of creamy jizz was only one step. Have fun with them, everyone! Cum inside and enjoy watching them rubbing each other. Also, click here and watch another two sluts getting facialized by a hard cock.

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After Class Special

Hi there and welcome back! Like always, a horny slut will be on your screens tonight and she is ready to keep you a good company. This time a MILF got her body covered in creamy jizz and will rub her pussy while that cock from glory hole is spraying her with that nasty balls juice. make sure you are comfortable, because some hardcore action is coming starring the naughty professor.

As you can see, this MILF is also a college teacher and after her classes she felt a little horny. She went to her office and started to touch herself. And because she is a horny one and she needs her daily dose of cock, the teacher has her own glory hole in the wall. Well. like always, someone is ready to satisfy her needs. Like this time, for example. Her moaning attracted some hard cocks. So there it is, the cock coming out from the wall and the teacher grabbing it in no time. She will suck it and rub it until it spews a ridiculous amount of semen all over her face. Watch her rubbing her clit also and getting covered in cum once again. Enjoy it!slimewave-after-class-special

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SlimeWave – Creamed Lesbians

Hello there! It is time for another slimewave session and tonight we brought you these two lesbians who will have some quality time with one hard fucking tool. Watch the two horny sluts going naughty and rubbing the cock from the wall until it spews a nice huge load of nuts juice all over them. I’m sure you will enjoy watching them getting covered from head to toe by the load cum and rubbing each other’s pussy. Just sit back there and see what the two are capable of.

Our lesbians started pretty slow, kissing gently and touching each other. But that is not the way they will continue. They are going harder and harder, taking off their skirt or pants and sliding the slutty hands into each other’s panties, rubbing the eager pussies rough. Right at that moment one cock appear from the wall thru that glory hole and the sluts were all over it in no time. Watch them rubbing it hard and fast until it sprays a ridiculously big amount of semen right on their big round tits. Cum inside and see how hardcore they can get!


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SlimeWave – Creamed and Fucked

Hi there! Here we want you to enjoy a special slimewave scene. This horny blonde spread her legs for one hard cock after she got covered ion nasty while jizz. It seems like the nympho wanted another fucking session, so that stud gave her a nice pounding from behind. Her nice and sexy outfit will be all covered in cum and she will spread those sexy legs once again after getting creamed and facialized. No more chit-chat, watch her fucked hard.slimewave-creamed-and-fuckedAs you will see, this is a very hungry one and will not stop after getting creamed once. She sucked on the cock that covered her in the creamy load, then she bended and received a nice fucking from behind. Watch the horny slut getting covered in white creamy balls juice, then asking for more. That stud will side-fuck her from behind while that slut has nasty jizz running down her entire body. Just hit that button and cum inside for the entire episode. Also, stay tuned for another fresh slime wave scene. See ya all next week. You can also enjoy horny Defrancesca taking a massive cum bath.

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