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Tiffany Doll covered in jizz

This French slut Tiffany Doll from Slime Wave videos is not one to refuse relating to sex, therefore when this poor babe goes into this rest room and finds a gloryhole in the wall plus a large load of cum under it she cannot help but keep an eye on. And this cock is a  talking cock, just pleading for this Eurobabe slut to suck on it as rough as she could, choking, and obviously getting its ridiculous loads of sperm!! slimewave-tiffany-doll-covered-in-jizz

Tiffany from slime wave free movies is a dirty woman and pleased with it, therefore she is well on board to fuck the ridiculous, receiving a massive load with force after which masturbating while her entire body gets sprayed down! So without further due, watch her in action, watch her sucking on that cock from glory hole like there’s no tomorrow, then fingerfucking her cunt after she moisturized it with the creamy jizz. Cum inside for the entire SlimeWave video. There you will see her all sprayed and horny, going hardcore on herself and masturbating just for your viewing delight. Have fun, everyone and I’ll see ya all next time. Check here for another horny babe getting facialized by huge black cock.

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Defrancesca Gallardo

This time Defancesca Gallardo is back at the bathroom in this awesome Slime Wave update. It seems that this cock and cum loving little slut didn’t have enough last time she was here, so seems like she wanted an encore. Watch her receiving once again a rain of creamy cum all over her office sexy outfit after wrapping her lips around the fake cock. Just grab a seat and get ready for hardcore action.

Defrancesca is beautiful that ever here, all dressed up, looking simply stunning. She has that nice office outfit that will drive you crazy. Also, she is wearing leather gloves on her slutty little hands which will rub that cock from the glory hole until it spews a ridiculous amount of white creamy semen all over her sexy office skirt. That pretty all make-up face of her will be also covered in cum  Like always enjoy another hot lady get her whole body covered in sticky cum as she rubs the cock like a true hand job master. As you can see, white is her color. Just hit that button and cum inside our website for the entire episode!


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Insane Facial

Today’s slimewave update features one intense and hard core hand job followed by a huge and messy facial. The brunette in this gallery showed she has the skills to work a hard and big cock until it’s released of it’s contents. The hungry babe got what she wanted from the very beginning, so watch her working hard for that. I’m sure she will not stop until she orgasm all over just for you, so grab a seat and enjoy her!

As you can see, the horny babe was all alone in that bathroom when she saw that cock from the glory hole. As she was horny all day, having dirty little thought, she got all wet in that moment when the cock was coming out. She approached and grab that dick with her both hands. She rubbed it until a huge load of jizz moisturized her face and hands. Watch her sucking on it with the creamy jizz running down her face, then getting sprayed all over her sexy body and fingering herself.  So just enjoy watching this sexy lady take a cum bath when the cock starts spurting out gallons of jizz on her. Enjoy!


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SlimeWave – Stacy Silver

In today’s update Stacy Silver and her friend take a huge cock’s cum blast all over their bodies for this SlimeWave special scene. The two sluts started with some kinky lady on lady action but the cock that was poking through the wall was demanding attention. The two will take care of that cock until it spews a ridiculous amount of semen all over then. Anyway, that is not all. Just sit back there and see how hardcore they went this time.

As you can see, Stacey is one hungry for cock and cum one. As it is her friend. The two will be your company tonight and I’m pretty sure you will enjoy watching them receiving an insane facial, a rain of cum all over those big fake tits and on their fine asses. After a little touching and kissing, the cock already was ready for one first round of load. Then the babes wrapped their hands on the hard tool and robbed it hard and fast, squeezing it until it sprayed the creamy white jizz all over their pretty faces. Enjoy the two blondes moisturizing their hige tits with the creamy cum and see how they suck on it. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed by their performing! So the two put their hands and mouths to work until the cock released its huge load on them. Enjoy!


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Mouthful of cum

As you know slimewave always brings you the hottest babes getting plastered in cum in every great update. And today we have another one for you. This lusty brunette has a thing for random cocks poking through walls. Today was her lucky day as we had for her one huge dick in our bathroom, so grab a seat back there and watch her working hard for some creamy cum. She is pretty thirsty today, so do not miss her.

The lusty brunette will be more than happy to see the cock coming out from the wall. She got instantly horny and wet and grabbed that dick in no time. She will suck on it like there’s no tomorrow, bobbing her head on it and using her gloves. Watch her as she works the huge cock until it blows all of it’s enormous load all over her pretty face. With the face full of jizz and that pretty black hair of her all moisturized, the brunette will continue. She wants another round of jizz and she will get it soon. Enjoy her, ladies and gentlemen and stay tuned for fresh content! Until next time, enjoy!


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Fun time with a fake cock

Today’s slut is a beautiful brunette babe that’s going to get herself covered in cum for your enjoyment. When the huge meat pole appeared through the hole she didn’t take any time to think, she just started stroking it like a true hand job master. And you can guess what followed. Yup a pretty lady covered head to toe in sticky jizz. It is exactly what you were looking for, so do not waste anymore time and watch her going naughty for you.

As you can see, we have another lusty beauty on screens tonight and I’m pretty this one is at least as good as the other. The babe did a very good job with her slutty little hands, stroking the cock and getting covered the pretty face in creamy jizz. Well, that is exactly what she was looking for, so let’s not waste anymore time and let’s watch her doing her thing for you. Watch her in action cause she truly has a talent in handjobing. Have fun with her, my friends and see ya all next time with fresh slimewave content! If you want some extra action tonight, click here and enjoy Vivien soaked in man goo. Have fun, everyone!


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Stacy Splashed with Jizz

Stacy and her best friend are today’s poster ladies in this Slime Wave update. The two women found themselves alone in the bathroom spending some quality woman on woman action together, but they weren’t surprised when a cock poked out through a hole and the two started to rub it while they were kissing passionately. Suffice to say they ended up covered in cum at the end. As  you will see, the two are hard workers, so do not waste anymore time and watch them doing their thing.

As you can see, two blondes are really and one huge cock from the glory hole are the perfect combination for a night like this. The two are both horny and hungry, so after kissing and rubbing the cock, they will finally receive what they wanted from the very beginning: a nice load of jizz on those nice pretty faces or on their big round tits. Have fun watching the two whores enjoying every drop of cum and eating the creamy man’s juice. I’m sure you will enjoy them going covered in cum. As always, I will let you in their company. I’m sure they will know how to entertain you tonight. See ya all next time. Bye!


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Cock Hungry Slut

Today’s cum loving SlimeWave slut is a pretty blonde lady with a passion for being covered in jizz. Watch her work on that huge cock until it starts washing her with a non stop wave of warm jizz. And you bet she enjoyed it. Get ready for her and her sexy hot friend as the twp horny babes will work hard on that hard tool. They will be a good company for you tonight, so have fun watching the babes sucking and getting covered in cum just for your viewing delight.

As you can see, we have here two lusty blondes who will take care of one huge cock which is coming out from the glory hole. I’m sure you will enjoy watching them getting their sexy lusty outfit all covered and those faces moisturized in the creamy cum. At some point, one will turn around and her round pretty ass will be also sprayed. Anyway, the two love cock and will try to take it all in those talented mouths. See this blonde slut deep throat that massive cock and watch her get cum plastered in warm jizz in this awesome update. Stay tuned for another round of glory hole and bitches covered in cum as next week will be back. Until then, have fun with these two!


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Defrancesca Jizzed

It’s about time that this Slime Wave site shows you the second part of Defrancesca’s encounter with the huge sperm fountain in the bathroom. And you can see the rest of the stuff that this crazy cum loving little slut did after her first cum spray. She is a true professional slut, so let’s not waste anymore time and let’s see what she is capable of. I’m sure you will be more than satisfied with her performing.

As you can see, Defrancesca will do anything it takes to take advantage of the fact that a huge amount of semen was given to her. She will moisturized her sexy body and I’m sure that watching her all covered will simply make your cock popping a nice boner on her. That sexy outfit of her will be covered and the round tits will be also moisturized. Have fun watching her sucking on the cock, then continuing to rub it until it spews the jizz all over her. But hungry Defrancesca just wanted more and more jizz blasted all over her hot body. Watch her covered. Until next time, enjoy.


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Fun time

Slimewave is back again this week with another hot girl that’s about to be covered in cock slime. The slutty lady entered the bathroom to take a break from the party and have some alone time with her pussy. But she soon learned that she wasn’t alone. And she felt even more turned on by the huge throbbing cock. So as she started to please the cock after a while she found herself blasted by a enormous load of jizz. Have fun watching her, my friends!


As you can see, this brunette will be your company tonight and I’m sure you will enjoy her performing. The horny babe wanted to take care of her pussy a little while one huge cock popping out from the wall thru the glory hole. She was more than trilled to wrap her lips all around that cock, sucking and slurping like there’s no tomorrow, then getting her perky tits all covered in creamy warm jizz. The brunette wasn’t satisfied, so she rubbed her pussy once again in front of that cock and got her fine ass and that cunt also moisturized. Have fun watching her covered in cum and also check here Pearl Diamond getting gallons of nut juice!

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